27 January 2023

Zamtel fixes blocked recharge cards issue

In May 2018, Zamtel announced that there was a presence of some recharge cards suspected to have landed on the market through unofficial channels. This prompted the company to start blocking the said cards in the range of denominations of K2, K5 and K10.
A meticulous process of replacing or swapping the affected recharge cards was successfully undertaken. Zamtel is now confident that the all blocked cards have fully been wiped off the market.

Zamtel Acting Chief Marketing Officer Chibeza Ngoma commented,

“I am happy to announce to our customers that we have fully addressed this issue and reassure them that every Zamtel card they find on the market is legit.”

“Further assurance goes to our dealers and agents that they should continue stocking up on our products as they are on the market genuinely.”

Zamtel Acting Chief Marketing Officer Chibeza Ngoma

Mr Chibeza added that Zamtel has already implemented rigorous internal processes that will ensure the incident does not reoccur.

“Internally, we are rolling out processes that ensures that our stock handling system is watertight to avoid similar cases in future. Most importantly, the guarantee we are offering to our customer is that every Zamtel card on the market is genuine,” Mr Ngoma stated.

He has emphasized that customers can now recharge their devices to enjoy the lowest tariffs on the market with the greatest assurance that their recharge cards are genuine. Meanwhile, Zamtel has announced the launch of exciting new loyalty campaign for its customers who will get back 50% of their airtime purchases done using the Zamtel Kwacha platform.

“From today on-wards for the next 90 Days, Zamtel will offer customers a 50% Bonus back on their airtime purchases through Zamtel Kwacha.  What makes this offer great is that the bonus is valid for 48 Hours. That’s a whole two days of bonus back of whatever value of airtime a customer purchases for the next 90 days,” Mr Chibeza explained.

Source: Zamtel