3 Part Hack to Dodging Valentine’s Day – For Every Guy from A Girl

Joacquin Phoenix in the phenomenal "Her"
Joacquin Phoenix in the phenomenal “Her”

1. Watch ‘Her” with her, then turn and say, “In a few years from now, I will not need you. Siri, S-voice and my PC/Mac OS will have voice commands for anything I need to get through the day. Since everyone will be doing it, I won’t feel like a weirdo or a geek fo falling inlove with an OS. I’m sure even you will have your own macho-type voice to talk to by then.” This movie not only takes a swipe at how we now connect as humans online and offline, but also shows us that the future of user interfaces needs a re-imagination to bring about new ways interacting with machines that is not only fulfilling, but enjoyably geeky.


2.  Watch “Game of Thrones” marathon all day. If she finds you and asks what is so important that you locked up in the house for, say nothing. Someone is bound to get killed or played. Then point at the screen and say, “Would you do that to me?” This is also good preparation before season 4 starts – #GoTSeason4. The best part about this show, is you can remember the days when the show airs and in unison you and the family of people on Twitter and Facebook share in the anguish of a fallen, beloved character or the triumph of the House that you root for. Yes, you can scream “Khaleesi!” while you watch to see her reaction.


3. “Today is the premier of ‘House of Cards’ – I am busy downloading all 13 episodes. You welcome to join me.” This is not an escape per se, as you watch this you will forge an alliance or be considered a ‘not serious’ person. Why? The lead couple, are a very power motivated, and bound to eat their own legs if it will get them out of a jam. This is a great example if you are hinting at marrying the girl, but she has to be smart enough to figure that out. Not only is Netflix releasing this big hit in TV, this in new technology and media brought together to give you TV like never imagined before, all episodes of a show live for you to stream and get through.


4. Turn off your data connection – this is as simple as any smartphone allows you to do. Whether it is on my iPhone, or if you rock an android device or windows phone this feature am guessing you do not use everyday, will save you a lot of drama and pennies, on a day like today. The bundle you could have exhausted stalking your Ex on Facebook, could be best used tomorrow to upload some cool pics of you at a braii, local pub eating mbuzi or that ubiquitous selfie of you in someone’s car (for your profile photos).

The point is am not encouraging you to find something totally boring to do, away from the malls and cinemas. Avoid anyway they have decor that is red. It will lift you spirits if you are single, and save you a lot of money if you are in ‘It’s Complicated’ category. 

With new ways to connect, romance or find solace invented through apps, social networks, games and the internet (in all it’s glory), it is high time we thought of new ways to spend Valentine’s Day and have a meaningful day that we can talk about for the rest of the year.

To pull this off, all you need is a smartphone, unlimited high speed connection and a resolve to see the plan through.