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Valentine’s Day Gadgets Recommendation

Geek LoveValentines’ day is tomorrow!!! I bet most of you have not yet bought your partners anything yet, right? Well, there might still be some hope for you. How about a Valentine’s day gadget? Think about it. It’s practical and will last a while compared to those roses that will die out sooner than later, or chocolates that will be finished in a day or even minutes.

Well, I found some really cool gadgets you could choose from, but you have to explain to your partner that it will take a few days to get delivered if you order today so in the meantime get those roses and chocolate to avoid trouble!

Firstly, there is a necklace that comes with a personalized QR code, so when it’s scanned, your woman or man will be able to see the sweet message that you’ve created for them. You can also embed pictures of those cherished special memories together. How cool is that?! Besides, chics nowadays are officially gadget girls. The QR code necklace is only selling for around $35 (approx. K195).

There’s also something for the guys that is just off the cuff, pun intended. These super cool cufflinks will turn any ordinary Joe into “The Joe”. They act as a Wi-Fi hotspot as well as a 2GB USB device. So, if you’re in a hurry and need to save something, ta-dah! Just use your cuff links. They are compatible with many operating systems once you download the software. They cost around $250 (approx. K1,390) but they’re worth every single document they would hold than transfer via email, right?

Another interesting find was the Pebble, it sort of has the whole Samsung Galaxy Gear feel about it. It connects to a smartphone and sends notifications to your watch. Awesome much? Plus it works with both Android and iOS. Get it for $150 (approx. K843).

Lastly, my favourite so far, is the amazing Thumbs Up Touch Boom Box. Wireless and working with most smartphones, it’s not loud enough to make the neighbours call the cops on you, but it’s good enough for the two of you to get up and boogie this Valentines’ day. You can get your music loving partner this awesome gift for only $40 (approx. K225).

I hope this helped you make a quick decision… you’re welcome!

Image credit: Vantage PR


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