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New Google Android OS update is ‘N’ for Nougat


Google has announced that the new Android operating system (OS)  which was taking the letter ‘N’ is now officially named Nougat, following ‘M’ for Marshmallow which was released last year, as shared in an Instagram post by Google.

Screenshot (3)

There you have it, Android Nougat – don’t stress about pronouncing it, you can just say Android N or Android 7 if you want.

When will you get it? Well, Nexus phones get it first, so if you have one you can expect an update around August or September 2016. If you have other Android phones you have to wait a little bit longer as you know updates in the Android world take any where from a few weeks to a a year to roll out. Some devices are only just getting Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

We’ll share features on the Android N as soon as we have confirmed ones.


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