Zamtel Just Made Its “Get A Life, Get A Gig” Permanent!

Image Source: Official Zamtel Facebook page

Zamtel brought the “Get a life, Get a Gig” data package as a promotion but now it’s been made a permanent offer by the telecoms company. It’s 1GB of data for only K49, and still only valid for 7 days. Ofcourse there has to be a catch! Previously the promotion had run from last year July to October, and Zamtel may be trying to get some revenue coming in seeing as their losses have been, well, aired out in public over the past few days.

Will it work? Their numbers have dwindled over the past years as they changed management. Even their Facebook page has the lowest likes among compared to Airtel and MTN in Zambia! Yes, petty but it reflects on how much love they are not really receiving from the public. We expect more users to buy the bundle, and seeing as more people are now using up data bundles fast, the 7 days validity won’t affect the demand for it, we hope. The short validity is also a way to ensure that the revenue Zamtel will make off this package is locked in and accounted for in the shortest period of time. Think of it as ‘happy hour’, but for a week.

What Zamtel needs? Less fancy billboards and more services that actually work. Their internet service is generally poor half the time, it’s even rare to find a Zamtel connection being used as the primary server in a data-consuming work environment.

This is also a desperate cry to the other mobile operators. Every.Single.Day!

What are Zamtel’s numbers? Pretty low. Maybe they should consider bringing in some ‘help’ to boost the demand, bring in more creatives, or source them locally. Make this engine go, is what they need. Right now it just seems like they’re stuck when it comes to making a dent in the consumer market for telecoms services.

If any average Zambian has 2 SIM cards, we can bet a buck they have MTN and Airtel. That’s how 3rd placed Zamtel has become.

If this Gig for K49 won’t make you want to go green, we don’t know what will.


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