ZICTA warns mobile operators in Zambia, again!


After repeated warnings, the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has sent out yet another warning to the 3 mobile operators Airtel, MTN and Zamtel, to improve their service delivery.

ZICTA Consumer Protection Officer Edgar Mlauzi said the authority ‘has held meetings with operators to assist them in improving service delivery’, according to a report on IT Web Africa.

He also added that ZICTA might consider banning some of the promotions by 3 the mobile operators to increase the quality of service being provided by them.

Mlauzi added that the mobile operators file in their performance reports every year that ZICTA uses to assess their performances from the past year.

In the licence agreements between mobile operators and ZICTA, if more than 5% of the subscriber base complains about network outages or poor network services, ZICTA has the right to carry out an investigation into the operations of the operator.

Promotions are one way to handle that, but what of considering bidding some of these operators off if they can’t perform to their full abilities in the country? Mobile operators can also make a choice, either let someone else come in to provide the services they can’t or let a 4th operator join the telecoms game in Zambia.

More competition will hopefully introduce better services to the consumer as the operators try to take a market share of the telecoms pie.


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