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Why Zamtel Has Slow Internet Lately


Many complaints have been aired about Zamtel and its internet speeds (or lack of) lately so they finally have an explanation. They posted this on their Facebook page:

You may have noticed that internet speeds on our network have reduced. This is due to the fact that our Link in Tanzania is down and the South Africa Link is partially down.

This has greatly reduced our Capacity, hence customers in most areas are experiencing slow internet connection speeds.

We sincerely apologize for this and wish to assure our loyal customers that we are working round the clock to restore optimal

Live Life Today

Uhm, it’s kind of hard to ‘live life today’ when you can’t do anything with your computer. Many people are obviously inconvenienced but they apologized right? Customers gave them a piece of their mind:


I agree with Mr Ngoma’s comment on the fact that not everyone will see that post on Facebook or Twitter so hopefully messages have also gone out via other means so all Zamtel customers can see it.

We also hope Zamtel also have a plan for some sort of refund program for customers who paid for internet bundles but haven’t been able to use them over the past few weeks.

Image Credit: Official Zamtel Facebook Page



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