Airtel’s Data Usage Notifications Gone MIA


What else could possibly go wrong? With the renewed law not to have any promotions that give away freebies, the usage of data bundles is now being sharply watched by subscribers, but what happens you slack and NOT watch?

First of all there was no reason to watch your data bundle’s usage before because Airtel did it for you, notifying you of when you reach the 60%, 90% and depletion levels on that 575 number, until the worst happened. No.Notice.At.All.

My bundle depleted without any notification on its usage levels, and then my main account suffered as its breath was swiftly taken away by this great mobile operator’s system. A technical fault? Ofcourse they’ll give that excuse.

What I think should happen? A reimbursement is far from what they would give back, looking back at previous similar situations.

Is this daylight theft? Well, I feel robbed. The airtime that a subscriber should have plans for is now being forcefully allocated to what Airtel decides. I don’t need to have to keep checking my data bundle balance every time I access the internet. It’s tedious. How’s about we all just stick to what has been working?

If the usage hits 60%, 90% or depletion, may the notifications please stay running to alert subscribers. Not everyone wants to use all their airtime on internet access.

There have also been complaints by a lot of BlackBerry phone users on the Airtel network complaining that their BIS subscriptions are not activating after purchasing them, or that they are being cancelled by the service provider even when the subscriber didn’t want to cancel it.

In a phone call with Airtel Zambia’sā€Ž Director of Corporate Communications, Government Relations and CSR, Joseph Kafwariman, he said that he will investigate the issue, and he did. He says the fault appears to be technical (I told you!) and will be worked on.

If you’re experiencing a similar issue please let us know in the comments section below.