Zamtel, Airtel and MTN, whose package is bigger?


Zamtel just launched an all-network voice, data and SMS package, similar to MTN’s Spaka and Airtel’s So Che packs.

How does it compare to offers from the other two mobile operators? Firstly, there are no on-net packs so let’s look at only the all-net rates for all:

DAILY MTN Airtel Zamtel
Price (K) 3 5 10 2 4 6 10 15 1 2 5
Minutes 5 10 50 4 10 16 30 46 5 10 25
SMS 15 50 100 50 100 100 100 100 0 100 250
Data (MB) 10 15 50 0 15 15 25 30 0 50 50
Price (K) 10 20 50 10 15 25 45 75 5 10 20
Minutes 15 35 95 22 36 63 120 210 25 50 100
SMS 100 200 500 100 200 200 200 200 250 500 1000
Data (MB) 30 50 50 20 20 25 25 30 500 500 500
Price (K) 75 150 300 100 150 200 350 500 50 75 100
Minutes 130 270 600 262 405 562 1050 1500 250 375 500
SMS 450 450 450 150 150 150 150 200 2500 3700 7500
Data (MB) 450 450 450 500 500 500 500 500 1000 1000 1000

Here are a few observations on these rates:

  • Daily bundles: Zamtel has the least priced daily bundle of K1, and beats Airtel’s K2 package which also has no data but which gives 50 SMS while the Zamtel while gives none. Regarding data, the Zamtel K5 bundle is the best option as it gives 50MB, which one would pay K10 for on MTN and K15, beating Airtel which gives 30MB on its K15 daily pack. Conclusion: Zamtel wins.
  • Weekly bundles: on pricing, Zamtel has the least priced at K5, which gives more minutes and about 10 times more data than any of the other 2 operators’ weekly offers. It also has the most SMSes across all the various priced bundles. Conclusion: Zamtel wins.
  • Monthly bundles: Zamtel again has the least pricing for much more out of their bundled packages and win across the board.

However, Zamtel has no 4G connectivity as compared to MTN, and Airtel tries in second place with its ‘3.75G’, this will mean slowed speed for users of the network as they all try to access 3G networks at almost the same time. Zamtel also does not have too many users on its network compared to MTN or Airtel, so this promotion being this affordable may entice some users to switch, but I wonder if the company has the infrastructure to support this increase in traffic.

MTN may seem a Kwacha or two more expensive, but atleast you get faster access to the internet. I would put Airtel as my second option, and Zamtel – though winning at rates – as my last option, especially when it comes to data access on these bundles.

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7 thoughts on “Zamtel, Airtel and MTN, whose package is bigger?

  • believe me Zamtel has had the fastest 3g for a while which gives me speeds of about 3mbs/s compared to MTN which gives about 0.8mb/s and Airtel which averages 0.3mbs in lusaka but since last week Zamtel has been having speeds as low speeds of about 0.2mb/s which to me is fast enough for browsing then infrastructure wise Zamtel is upgrading its backbone network and speeds may increase soon plus the infrastructure they have is quite fast maybe the problem is with there international connections

    • MTN has 4G which even during peak can clock 1.8mb/s.

    • MTN wins on data anyday. I am hitting speeds as high as 40mbs on good times and even at night which is a pain in my neighborhood I am getting 15mbs! On Data MTN wins. But for people like me who uses voice calls very regularly and do long calls with clients, Airtel seems most cost friendly and their all net offer is relatively fair.

  • RandomZedian

    In terms of voice data services, I’d very much prefer airtel over the others…but with data bundles my money goes to Vodafone any day.

  • What would the rating be is you seperate data users from non-data users?

  • Zamtel’s deal is the best. I have activated my SIM which has been dormant because of this promotion. This makes more sense that those other promotions, like win a truck! I hope this will be a permanent package.

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