WorldRemit Now Offers Payments Via MTN’s Mobile Money

Growth of mobile money according to IBM
Growth of mobile money according to IBM

MTN’s Mobile Money has been growing steadily since its introduction to Zambia and now it’s getting an even bigger audience thanks to the new partnership with WorldRemit, a leading online mobile money transfer service provider.


According to the WorldRemit website, its CEO and Founder  Ismail Ahmed said, “Mobile Money is rapidly displacing cash as a way of receiving money from friends and family abroad. WorldRemit’s partnership with MTN allows our customers around the world to send money instantly to MTN Mobile Money users.”

Pieter Verkade, MTN Group Chief Commercial Officer said “The partnership with WorldRemit is yet another important step in our journey to enable the affordable transfer of monies across borders. Our remittance strategy places the customer at the heart of any offer we introduce as MTN and, working with WorldRemit, we intend to further extend the convenience of MTN Mobile Money to our customers.” 

The partnership means that WorldRemit customers can now send money to MTN subscribers who have a Mobile Money account in  Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda and will be rolled out to other countries where MTN Mobile Money is active soon.

WorldRemit has 3 simple sending instructions:

Step 1: You state what country you’re sending to, the amount you want to transfer and the mode of payment the payee will receive their money through.

Step 2: You have to enter relevant information such as the mobile money account number.

Step 3: You then send the money from your own account and both payer and payee will receive a notification either through SMS or email confirming the transaction’s success. Watch the video below to get these instructions:

Now that MTN’s Mobile Money has been included on the types of accounts you can send money to, you have to enter the MTN number of the recipient in Step 2 above.


Mobile money wallets are fast becoming the most convenient way of keeping cash available for transfers and payments globally. As soon as technicalities in systems worldwide are cleared, this will become the biggest platform through which transactions are made.

However, of the list of countries to send from, Zambia is not included on the WorldRemit website meaning Zambia is only a recipient destination for money via WorldRemit to your MTN Mobile Money account, and not from MTN Mobile Money to WorldRemit. The only African country listed to send money from is South Africa.

Image Credits: IBM, WorldRemit


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