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MTN Zambia Dedicates the Month of March to Celebrating All Women

In a bold and heartfelt gesture, MTN Zambia is stepping up its commitment to honouring women with its latest promotion dubbed “Her Hour”, part of the “All 4 Her” campaign. MTN Zambia has launched “Her Hour”, a play on the popular term “happy hour”, to give customers up to 1 hour of free calling each day between 12hrs-13hrs. This initiative aims to empower customers to express their appreciation and gratitude to the influential women who have made a profound impact on their lives. In order to be eligible for the 1-hour free call subscribers are only required to have an active Voice bundle.

The concept of “Her Hour” reflects MTN Zambia’s recognition of the power of spoken appreciation in strengthening bonds and fostering a culture of gratitude. By providing customers with the opportunity to connect with the remarkable women in their lives, MTN Zambia is amplifying voices of appreciation and celebrating the diverse contributions of women in society.

This initiative aligns seamlessly with MTN Zambia’s broader commitment to championing inclusivity, diversity and empowerment within its community. By offering a platform for customers to express their gratitude through free calling, MTN Zambia acknowledges and celebrates the achievements, resilience and influence of women across various spheres.

In a statement, MTN Zambia Chief Consumer Officer, Mr Richard Acheampong, highlighted the transformative impact of recognizing and honouring the women who have shaped individuals’ lives. Mr Acheampong further stated, “This initiative serves as a testament to MTN Zambia’s dedication to promoting meaningful connections and fostering a culture of appreciation among our customers.”

Through this initiative, MTN Zambia underscores the importance of leveraging technology to facilitate heartfelt connections. By empowering its customers to celebrate the women who have inspired, supported and empowered them, MTN Zambia is fostering a culture of recognition and empowerment.


In celebrating Women’s Month with the provision of free calling, MTN Zambia invites its customers to join in the collective appreciation of the extraordinary women in their lives. To be eligible to enjoy the daily 1-hour FREE call, subscribers must have an active Voice bundle which can be bought by dialling *117#. 


As individuals utilize this opportunity to connect and express their gratitude, MTN Zambia remains committed to fostering a culture of recognition, empowerment and inclusivity.

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