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What’s your Pulse like?

Get the Pulse app to get all your news in one place
Get the Pulse app to get all your news in one place

Pulse puts all your favorite news sources in one place. So rather than scroll down your LinkedIn timeline for news feed, all you do is open your Pulse app and your lists of pages/sites that you follow are readily grouped into categories under the title “All Channels”.

From there you can pick the stories that appeal to you and read them. You can either scroll horizontally to view the lists of your favorite sites, or vertically to read different stories from one source. The list isn’t just a boring list though, it comes with a picture from the story that is honestly more visually appealing to the eye than other news feeds that only give you a link to copy and paste into your browser.

When you open a story on your mobile device, it will give you a mobile page view for easy reading, with an option to “View on Web” as a webpage so a link will be sent and opened in whatever browser your device uses.

If you want to search for more news that tickles your fancy, the search icon(a small one resembling a  handheld microscope) on the top right of the home page of the app allows you to view various types of news categories to choose from.

It’s a great way to keep in touch with the world,  whether it’s for business, sports or even how to raise your kids, Pulse has a lot of information to help you out so check it out! You can even share the stories you like on Facebook, Twitter or to your LinkedIn connections if you find them intriguing.

Download Pulse here.

Pictures courtesy of TechDigest, MaximumRocks


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