Microsoft Surface Power: Type to Charge Your Tablet


You’re probably a busy person who owns one of the Microsoft Surface tablets for work purposes and you understand the need to have all the battery power you can get to stay active at work all day.

Well, there’s some good news just in because Microsoft is set to roll out the Microsoft Surface Power keyboard accessory this month. It will work with its range of Surface 2, Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 tablets.

What this keyboard does, apart from letting you type ofcourse, is enhance the battery life of your tablet. This means that when you connect it to your tablet, it starts to charge it there and then while you work.

The keyboard is installed with a second battery that extends the battery life of your tablet further so you don’t have to worry about charging it directly from a socket.

The Microsoft Surface Power keyboard is said to add up to 70% more battery power to the Surface 2 and 60% to the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 while the tablets are being used.

The coolest thing about this keyboard has to be the fact that it doubles as a cover for your tablet. If you’re thinking it’s heavy, no it isn’t. It only weighs about 250g so it will not give you extra arm muscles!

The Microsoft Surface Power also acts as a tablet cover
The Microsoft Surface Power also acts as a tablet cover

Now everybody knows how sleek tech should be and what better colour for the keyboard to come in than black! Other colours are expected though. With a price tag of about $199 (just over K1000) it’s priced fairly for the work it does. However, we doubt it will carry that same price when it hits the Zambian market so you can try buying it online after it’s released on the 19th of March.

Black is for sleek tech!

Picture credit: The Verge


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