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iStore Zambia opening soon in Lusaka

Source: iStore Zambia Facebook page
Source: iStore Zambia Facebook page

Apple users have long complained about not having an Apple store that gives the same service and benefits as others around the world, but now things might change with the launch of the new iStore Zambia shop in Lusaka next week Thursday, 3rd December 2015 at East Park Shopping Mall.

It is an expansion of the Apple Store in South Africa and it should provide the same customer support that the store there does. What we know about the store so far is that they ‘aim to maximise the customer value offering by providing an authentic Apple experience by selling genuine Apple products with the renowned Apple warranty and after sale service as well as exclusive services including in-store complimentary training, dedicated technical support and technical set-up’. We can expect a one year warranty on all products too.

Most Apple stores have a Genius Bar, where customers can meet an ‘Apple Genius’, an expert who knows everything about Apple products and resolves issues clients may be facing in about 15 minutes, fixing them right there and then if necessary.

They also sell refurbished iDevices and throw in a one year warranty so we hope that’s something iStore Zambia will introduce as well. These refurbished items are usually recycled devices that customers returned and Apple determines whether they are worth reusing by others, and offers the ‘returner’ an Apple Gift Card equivalent to the amount of the device he/she sold back to Apple.

Those are just some support areas international Apple stores offer, we hope Zambia gets the same standard.

Is there anything else you expect from iStore Zambia? Let us know below…


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