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Connect Zambia Launches Samsung Experience Shop At East Park Mall




From left to right; Honourable Given Lubinda – Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga –  Minister of Communications, James You – Samsung Zambia Managing Director, and Samsung staff

Last Friday night, we had the opportunity to attend Connect Zambia’s opening of its new Samsung Experience Shop at East Park Mall, which is right next to the University of Zambia in Lusaka.

Connect Zambia retail manager Noel Muyoya said  “We are striving to bring better levels of service for our customers, we are honored Samsung chose our organisation to head the Samsung Experience Store. We look forward to providing a wonderful experience for Samsung customers in Zambia and enhancing their in store experience.” 

The Samsung Experience Store is owned by Connect Zambia, who are Samsung Premier partners, and is the first of its kind so far. Customers can walk in and have a feel of Samsung products, with the assistance of in-store staff.


Starting with a joke on how he heard a rumour that Zambians are notorious for liking nice things, Samsung Country Managing Director James You said, “The restructuring exercise demonstrates that Samsung Electronics sees Zambia as an important market. It is also an expression of Samsung’s investment intentions in Zambia as infrastructure development plays a pivotal role in the development of any nation.”

He also added that for Zambia this adds to its economic trajectory through contributing to the economy and adding to Zambia’s investment portfolio. Foreign direct investment is an instrument for development in that it facilitates job creation, development,  modernization, skill and technology transfer development and access to international markets which ideally is a recipe for income growth.

As of last year, Samsung Zambia employees have increased from 7 to 24 employees, giving more power to people to sustain themselves with a livelihood.

At the launch, Samsung Business Leader for Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Botswana James Chona said, “The Samsung Experience Store is the first store of its kind in Southern Africa. The magnitude of this achievement warrants that we disseminate this information and indeed commend those at the forefront of this venture. Despite the recent challenges that the country is facing, this development is a demonstration of Zambia’s emergence as a top investor destination and reflects the strides that the country is making towards development. It also reflects the new found energy that the Samsung team has developed. This is just the first in a series of projects that we are pursuing in what will not only be a busy but productive year for us”.

Have you been there yet?


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