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Websites to Avoid if You’re a Busy Person


Apart from opening the above commonly known weapons of social distraction, I’m guilty of opening tabs on my laptop that lead me to other links and I end up not knowing what the hell I was looking for in the first place. Call it the blackhole of the Internet but I do get lost reading all the things that pop up on my screen.

We all have work to do but some of these sites are so addictive it’s hard to avoid going crazy with them. If you want to stay focused and productive all day here are some websites you should avoid according to PCMag:

1. Buzzfeed: Oh man.The stories on this page are so diverse and cater to all kinds of people. You just keep clicking and clicking. Everything buzzing, no pun intended, all over the world is right there in one place.

All the Buzz you need, or don’t…

2. FML: People on this site post stories about everyday life that are just too relate-able. From constipation to cheating husbands’ stories, this page will keep you absorbed in it for hours at a time.

FML will have you laughing, crying, emotional. Don't try this at work
FML will have you laughing, crying, emotional. Don’t try this at work

3. Damn You Autocorrect: Ever been in an awkward situation because you sent a message to someone that was inappropriate thanks to autocorrect? Well, so do millions of other people around the globe and they have the screenshots to prove it.

Erm, Dad?
Erm, Dad?

4. Bad Engagement Photos: Marriage is an authority of love and respect they say, but no, not these guys.They get the funniest engagement photos and memes so bad it will have you laughing at your future wife. We hope you don’t do that though.

Marriage at its lightest moments
Marriage at its lightest moments

5. Rich Kids of Instagram:  Lastly if you have any self confidence left in you, spare it by not following these spoilt brats. They will have you cursing your parents for not spoiling you. You forget that you’re at work hustling for your own money so do not visit the site!

Have you ever owned real gold? Me neither. This website sucks
Have you ever owned real gold? Me neither. This website sucks

There’s tonnes of other sites you really shouldn’t view while you’re trying to work. It’s for your own good. I feel wrong for putting links but you can see which others to avoid here.

Pictures courtesy of named sites and HR News Daily


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