FNB Zambia Changing Look and Style Online

FNB new look

The revamped website will be available to the public on Sunday March 16, 2014. In an email sent to its users, FNB Zambia announced that they will be launching a new look and feel for its website.

The new-look website will offer a depth of interaction including an improved user experience, being touch screen friendly, with easy buttons and menus, responsive design enabling scalability to multiple devices and layered, seamless security.

Apparently, visitors to the FNB Zambia website and customers alike will be given an interactive user experience with functionality that is as close as possible to perfect for ease of use. The website may appear to be minimalist, but this has been done to enable intuitive use and as customers and visitors to the site engage, they will find an interactive platform.

According to the email, FNB Zambia has extensively redesigned the look and feel of its website to offer an enhanced and more intuitive experience across various mobile channels, from PCs to multiple smart devices.