Google hits on Interface Simplicity


We all Google things almost every day, admit it. So it’s very easy to notice when our 2nd brain makes some changes to its appearance.

No, there’s nothing wrong with your laptop or PC’s Google search results page so you can stop refreshing it now . Google announced on Tuesday  that it was making a few changes to its desktop interface that would make it similar to the one they had rolled out for mobile devices and tablets last year.

First of all remember those how your search result titles always came underlined? Well, not any more. They will still appear in a bold blue and green but with no lines underneath them.  However if you hover your mouse over the titles, a line will appear just like normal links on web pages do. The font for the titles has also been slightly increased. We must agree it does make the page look more clear.

Capture 1
Interface looks more ‘spacey’ and clean

There was also previously a box on the search page that held all the ads with a pale pink backdrop, remember that? Well, Google has cleared that out and ads will now be on the same white background as the rest of the page and will have a tiny yellow box labelled ‘Ad’ right next to any ad on the page. They’ve really aired out the laundry because the new page looks fresh.

No pink backdrop for ads, just look for little yellow box written "Ad'
No pink backdrop for ads, just look for a little yellow box written “Ad’



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