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The Top 5 Things from the Google I/O 2014 Conference: Android vs iOs


Last week the annual developers’ Google I/O 2014 conference took place with many new products/services being revealed for launch on the Android platform. We have sourced the 5 biggest ones that challenge rivals Apple to the core.

1. Car tech: Apple had announced that iOS would be available in cars as Apple Carplay.  The iOS versions is in select cars and allows drivers to make calls, listen to music, get directions and text as they drive. Google has now introduced Android Auto, an in-car service that helps drivers use their phones by means of voice messaging and commands and even the use of Android apps as they drive. It is still yet to be confirmed what cars will facilitate the service.


2. Android TV: This is a direct rival to Apple TV from Apple and even Amazon TV from Amazon. Android TV will allow users to interact TV facilities with their smartphones more easily. There is also a game streaming facility being worked on for the passionate gamers so we expect more devices made to be produced like controllers to go with TVs that run on Android.


3. Google Fit: Yes, they’re working on health too. This is similar to Apple’s HealthKit which allows users to merge all their favorite health and fitness apps and monitor their health. With Google Fit, developers will be able to create smarter health apps for Android devices.


4. Android for Chrome: This year’s Google I/O conference also revealed that devices that operate Chrome will now be easier merged with Android apps to enable use of apps on both platforms.

google5. Android Wear: This is the age of wearable tech and Google knows this, hence the announcement of Android Wear that will run on devices with Android 4.3 and higher. It will help you with suggestions about everything even before you ask. Smart right? According to TechRadar UK, Apple might also be working on a rumoured iWatch that we expect to see launched before the end of the year.


All these 5 top products/services are in developer stage so when they do roll out, there will be indepth reviews of their capabilities. For now we can just wait and see how good they make them, and if they will be worth the fuss. Overall, the Google I/O conference tried to stick with the times and go hard on the modern tech scene. We await results.

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