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e18hteam for the Holidays in DCP format: Chipolopolo Ana Chimfya


Have you got the right plans for the holiday season? December and January can be quite boring if are not careful. In this case, consider watching the e18hteam film. This creative reel of genius will be showing from Christmas Eve, December 24, to New Year’s Day, January 1. E18hteam is a film about the legendary football journey of Chipolopolo, the Zambian National Team, specifically highlighting the AFCON 2012 victory.

What better way to prepare for AFCON 2016 than to reignite hope? Zambians secretly hate to love Chipolopolo for fear of disappointment, and I am one of them. E18hteam definitely tugs at those heart strings to openly love Chipolopolo. The film is written and directed by Juan Rodriguez-Briso of Omnicorp Estudio and co-produced with Ngosa Chungu of Purple Tembo Media. E18hteam was first released in theatres at Fresh View Cinemas in October 2014 and will show again from December 24 to January 1.

L to R: Ngosa Chungu (Purple Tembo), Christopher Katongo (Zambian Football team), Juan Rodriguez-Briso (Omnicorp Estudio)

e18hteam features Zambia’s legendary football commentator, the late Dennis Liwewe, who illustrates how football is so much more than a game to the nation. Liwewe highlights that football has helped define and unify Zambia as a people despite its tribal diversity. Christopher Katongo, Captain of Chipolopolo at the time of the win, Kalusha Bwalya, Football Association of Zambia President, and Herve Renard, Coach of Chipolopolo during the win, are among the narrators who explain the destined win of Chipolopolo against Cote D’Ivoire.
According to the press release back in August, the film is called e18hteam due to the fact that 18 is a number that recurs throughout the story and it is about the Zambian national football team. 18 players died in 1993. 18 penalties were taken for Zambia to claim Victory in 2012. 18 players died in a similar tragedy in Italy that is also explored in the film.

From left to right: Ronald Poulsen, Ngosa Chungu, Kalusha Bwalya and Juan Rodriguez-Briso

Now the good stuff:

As sentimental a human being as I believe that I am, the paramount reason I am particularly interested in e18hteam is because it is the first Zambian film to be presented in Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format. DCP is the standard copy in the film market nowadays. It is what is required at film festival entries as well as cinematic presentations. According to Juan, it is actually preferred over Blu-Ray format. In other words, it’s the best quality.

The equipment used was suitable enough for this type of documentary because there were mainly interviews. A Canon 7D camera with several zooms and lens was utilized as the static camera. Boom and wireless microphones were used with a H4N as sound recording for the audio. Additionally, a portable black background with lighting equipment was useful to have a standard frame for every interview. All the technical equipment was provided by Visual Creative. Video editing (by Estudio Domo) was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and video post-production with Adobe After Effects. For audio post-processing (by Javier Alejandro Ruiz) ProTools was used.

Special thanks to Ngosa Chungu, Ndhlovukazi of Purple Tembo Media and Juan Rodriguez-Briso for the juicy technical details regarding their e18hteam film production. Remember to catch it at Freshview Cinemas from December 24 to January 1.

Image Credits: e18hteam Facebook Page