Google Doodle Celebrates 148th Birthday of Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky in 1936

Search giant Google is always commemorating important events with their Doodles and today it’s Wassily Kandinsky in the spotlight. He was a Russian painter who has been credited as the first abstract painter, as you can see from the picture called “On White” above. He was born today (December 16) in 1866.

He has been described by many as a very influential and art theorist of his time. He used a lot of colour with his art symbols to express what he felt/saw. He lived in Germany a major part of his life, leaving his Law and Economics teaching job at 30 to start art school.


He lived in the times of Nazi rule and it later took its toll on his work as they confiscated 57 of his major paintings and closed down an art school that he had started.


Kandisky’s work is being celebrated today for its geometric shapes and abundance of colour.

He later moved to France were he painted from his flat, not as frequently as before but still worth remembering.

Wassily Kandinsky died in Paris in 1944.


Image Credits: Wikipedia, Mirror UK


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