How Zambian social media reacted to white #LintonLies

How social media hates white lies (1)

If anything can bring a country together, it’s a foreigner lying about their experience staying there. No seriously, follow #LintonLies on Twitter to see how Zambians and supporting Africans from EVERYWHERE stopped their usual tweeting schedules to participate in a virtual protest about a white lady named Louise Linton who spent a gap year in a remote town in Zambia and made up a bunch of ‘experiences’ during her stay here. Read her full story here. I won’t get into it because my focus is on how powerful social media can be as a protest tool and how the turn of events cruised through a weekend after the story was published:

  1. Firstly, the tweets started, with Zambian calling out her white lies, no pun intended:

… and the tweets go on and on!

2. She responded before deleting her Twitter account @LousieLinton, giving what many have called a lame apology. Thank the technology gods for screenshots:

Screenshot (3)


3. A Little Zimba parody Twitter account was created, ridiculing the story hilariously:

You have to see the whole timeline for your amusement.

4. An online petition to get her book off Amazon titled “In Congo’s Shadow” (where the original excerpt of the story published in the Telegraph came from) was started by Greenwell Nyirenda and has since gotten 1119 signatures, more than its 1000 signature goal. The book has garnered negative reviews and 89% 1-star ratings from 145 customer reviews. Let’s not even get started on the comments!

Screenshot (1)


Lastly, it’s made news worldwide in major online publications, showing the ‘white savior’ mentality that foreigners still have about Mama Africa as a whole. “Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved!” 

What’s happened since then? We’re yet to find out. Apart from the petition, no word has come forth from Telegraph or Amazon about the book, and whether it will be taken down.

That’s the power of social media though, correcting facts on a daily basis, 140 characters or less! Authors should think about that when writing books, or atleast label them on-fiction/fiction if they don’t want this kind of negative attention or review on social media.


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