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Teledoctor Zambia: Revolutionizing Healthcare in Zambia

Teledoctor Zambia is a leading provider of mobile health services in Zambia, leveraging technology to provide efficient services to individuals and companies. The company was founded in 2010 by Professor Wilbroad Mutale to provide urgent, quality, and humane healthcare services. Today, Teledoctor Zambia is serving individual clients and corporate clients in Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa, with a team of diverse health practitioners boasting extensive experience in providing quality healthcare in the region.

The company’s mission is to create health technology solutions for the general public, making access to healthcare services cheaper, faster, and more convenient. They believe that client focus, professionalism, and community service are essential to succeeding in their mission. Teledoctor Zambia ensures that their clients have access to the most qualified and experienced specialists at a time and place of their convenience.

Teledoctor Zambia leverages information technology as a tool to adapt to new health challenges such as COVID-19 and Non-Communicable Diseases, ensuring personalized service and family-centred care. By getting to know their customers, the talented team at Teledoctor Zambia can offer unique and customized solutions based on current evidence in medical practice.

Market Leadership, Talented Management, Accessibility, Strategic Focus, Affordability, and Standardized Operations are the key factors that set Teledoctor Zambia apart from other healthcare providers in the region. They lead the market in quality, innovation, and customer service with a dedicated, fulfilled, and talented team with a blend of experience and fortitude.

Teledoctor Founder Dr Wilbroad Mutale shared, “Our dream of having doctors accessible at our clients’ fingertips has become a reality. The Teledoctor platform has been made possible by the unwavering commitment of doctors and other healthcare professionals in Zambia and beyond. Thanks to their efforts, we can now facilitate the journey towards good health like never before. This groundbreaking technology is now readily available to our clients, allowing them to connect with doctors in real time from their homes. Through the Teledoctor platform, patients can receive expert medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations without having to visit a medical facility physically. The Teledoctor platform is a significant step forward in improving the accessibility of healthcare, and we are excited to see how this technology will continue to revolutionize the industry in the years to come.” 

Teledoctor Zambia offers a range of products and services to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. They use mobile technology and web applications developed with their customers in mind, making access to health faster and more efficient, saving time and money. They are present on social media and WhatsApp platforms, making communication easier and more convenient.

Their corporate wellness services include mobile clinics within the workplace, general wellness talks, and consultations for staff. They also provide laboratory services with access to all major laboratories in Zambia and can arrange to collect samples and deliver results as quickly as possible via email, SMS, or their mobile app.

The Teledoctor app and Electronic Medical System are major features of their services. Each consultation ranges from ZMK50-350 per consultation, depending on the doctor’s specialisation and length of consultation. Clients also have access to a healthcare navigation system in Zambia, including admission, diagnostic support, and medical evacuations as required.

Teledoctor Zambia also offers home services, with access to medical help 24/7 via their mobile application and mobile phone to initiate consultation to be seen at home or hospital, whichever is convenient. They provide consultancy services on request and can coordinate healthcare services, including consultation and treatment in partnership with local hospitals, for diaspora clients who have relatives in Zambia.

Teledoctor Zambia is revolutionizing healthcare in Zambia by leveraging technology to provide efficient and affordable healthcare services to individuals and companies. Their focus on client satisfaction, professionalism, and community service sets them apart from other regional healthcare providers. Teledoctor Zambia is committed to building long-lasting client partnerships that help individuals and companies to achieve the maximum health and productivity possible.