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Ku-Atenga shows us how to use a podcast during election time

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With much of the Zambian population sharing their thoughts on governance on social media, there is another outlet, podcasts going by the theme “I Stand for Peace” by Samba Yonga of Ku-Atenga Media, which has garnered some attention lately.

It shares a lot of prominent people’s views on how to peacefully carry out this year’s elections which as you may have seen on social media and TV, have turned pretty violent.

Voices in part 1 include those of prominent Zambians like filmmaker Jessie Chisi, activist Laura Miti, radio personality Chinyota Msimuko (aka Chi) of Hot FM, comedian Kapalu.  Part 2 has voices from the public as well, some deciding to stay anonymous as they air their concerns. You can listen to Part 1 and 2 here and here.

This just shows how Zambia is shifting away from traditional media technology to let various messages across, so support the platforms. Previously we had shared Daniel Machiya‘s GreatZ podcast, and he had shared with us how to make a great podcast. Read about that here.


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