How to make a “GreatZ” podcast, with Daniel Machiya

Image Source: Daniel Machiya
Image Source: Daniel Machiya
Incase you were thinking of starting a podcast, we have the scoop from a professional. Meet Daniel Machiya, a Zambian creative who believes ‘you can’t fight zombies forever‘ and owner of The GreatZ Podcast. We asked him the basics of podcasting, what you need and who you should create them for. So here it is:
What’s a podcast?
An audio program available in digital format for download or streaming over the internet.  This can be in the form of a conversation or talk by one or more individuals. This form of media is compatible with most audio playing devices such as laptops and phones.
What do you think is the best way to set it up?
 As long as the premise of the programme is established a podcast is relatively easy to set up. However, one must have a recording device that can range from a mobile phone recorder to a dedicated studio (I use a Zoom H5N portable recorder and I have two dedicated pg58 XLR shure microphones).  Additionally, the internet has free software you could use to edit the recording, I use Audacity. Further the file must be hosted online where people can find it. I use podomatic.com and soundcloud. There are many more sites you can upload your files to but your audience will determine which site is appropriate for your type of podcast.
What tools are essential (and why) to create one? 
 You don’t need special equipment per se. Even a mobile phones’ sound record function can do. Just have somewhere to host the audio file and you’re good to go. All this depends on the type of product you want to put out.
In Zambia, what challenges are there to creating quality podcasts, how do you think they can be overcome?
 The only challenge worth mentioning is awareness of the medium. It’s a truly effective means of learning and sharing stories and lessons but most people have never heard of the format. We need people to start telling their stories through this means without the artificial constraints such as state of the art equipment or worries of sound quality. A proactive stance will increase the listenership and as time goes by the quality issue as well as other constraints will be corrected.
Who do you recommend should consider creating podcasts the most?
Anyone with a story to tell must consider podcasting. Kids in school, house wives and businesses too. There are no limits to what can be talked about. Considering the amount of podcasts in Zambia right now, we need as many as possible.
To listen to more of Daniel’s podcasts like his Facebook page here or check out his blog here.


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