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Zamtel launches digital customer information management platform

Zamtel has launched a new biometric customer information management system that provides a more secure foundation for the new innovative digital services.

The new system which has since gone live will offer an added layer for customer data protection and will also provide a convergence point for customer biometric authentication, a first for Zambia`s telecom industry.

The need for enhanced security has been necessitated by the increasing number of cyber security incidences on the Zambian market and Africa in general where a number of individuals have been defrauded of their hard earned money by scammers purporting to be providing genuine services.

Zamtel values the security of its customers and is taking proactive steps to safeguard the security of customer information to ensure that only a bona fide customer can have access to his/her information and that such information cannot be used by unauthorized persons.
Announcing the development, Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta said the launch of the new platform marks a very important milestone in Zamtel` s drive to becoming a provider of secure digital services.

“As Zamtel, we are excited about this innovation which reinforces our strong belief in providing secure customer-centric services. This new platform is further assurance to our customers that the information they share with us will not be manipulated by unauthorized third parties. As you may be aware, the onset of new digital services will require enhanced cyber security across all applications and platforms that will be accessed by the customer.”

He added, “with the growth of mobile money and other e-payment services, security of customer information becomes even more paramount and we are happy to be the first to offer this level of security for our customers in this market.”

And Zamtel Acting Chief Information Officer Jason Mwanza emphasized that the platform is open to new customers for on-board registration. He further said that existing customers are also encouraged to refresh their registration in person so that they can enjoy the new security features.

Mr. Mwanza explained that during on-boarding, Zamtel will collect biometric information from customers that will be tied to the customer`s number(s) and National Registration identity number. The strict permission based system will also ensure authorized access through the use of a One Time Password (OTP) meaning that only the correct person will be allowed to access a service.

The new system uses a smart algorithm that uniquely identifies a customer to prevent any unauthorized registration or duplication of their authentication details without their explicit authority.

“It is worth noting that customers will only be required to sign the digital form and have their biometric information taken at point of registration. An automated SMS confirmation for successful registration will be sent out to the customer” Mr. Mwanza explained”.