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Tech trends between 28th March and 4th April

Tech Trends Recap

ICYMI here’s everything we covered last week:

  • Many Instagram were urging their followers to turn on notifications for their posts but Instagram came through and said they will not be changing the feed anytime soon. They’re working on something and will let us all know when they actually make any changes, so y’all can chill. On Friday morning, Instagram was down for about an hour in many parts of the world. Instagram had not said what happened at the time of publication.
  • Sometime in 2012, Google purchased a German company called Nik software that specialized in photo editing tools that targeted the amateur to professional photographers.  And Google’s primary intention, was of course to gain a controlling hand over the popular Android/iOS photo editing application Snapseed, but that aside.  Anyway, Google was originally going to offer the Nik Collection for around ZMW1,600, down from around ZMW5,600, but, that has since changed with Google announcing that the collection will now be freely available to download from the Nik Collection page.
  • With the Internet of Things (IoT) at our doorstep, the rise of open source hardware is taking on new urgency, so is 2016 the year of open source ? Find out here.
  • There’s a new WhatsApp update that allows us to stress our points and even get a little sarcastic when the need arises. The new text formatting allows for italic, strike-through and bold text. Users who have WhatApp installed will automatically get version 2.12.17 for iOS and 2.12.535 for Android to start using the new features. Windows and Blackberry users may never get the ability to emphasis.Read about it here.
  • The total number of mobile money services has grown to 271 worldwide, according to a report by the GSMA, and many service providers have initiatives that allow for cross-border remittances to boost trade in regions they are found in. The GSMA accounted for at least 29 cross-border mobile money remittance services amongst 19 countries.

We ended off the week with an Aprils Fools shenanigan telling our readers we’d been bought. Don’t believe everything you read on 1st April.

To more tech and beyond this week!


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