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Twitter changes its Desktop Interface, and it looks like Facebook

Twitter is always updating itself but now the desktop interface has changed its appearance and all I can see is a Facebook replica. It has almost the same layout when it comes to the position of the cover photo and profile photo. Don’t believe me. Take a look for yourself below:

The cover and profile pictures assume the same position as those in Facebook

Like Facebook, you’ll have your cover photo at the top of the page, with your profile picture in the left bottom corner of the cover photo’s space.

Pictures in the timeline also seem larger than life so I bet they went for a more visual approach to the timeline. It’s great if you love seeing pictures more than you read.

Some other changes include the choice to pin a tweet to the top, which is similar to what you can do with a Facebook status when you “highlight’ it. Your selected tweet will be at the top of your timeline for anyone viewing your profile to see first. This gives you a chance to make a first impression depending which tweet you think is your best.

This time around if you constantly hit the ‘favorite’ button your Twitter will keep track and you can view them in a dedicated tab.

Also included in this new Twitter desktop version is the chance to choose what type of tweets you want to see when you’re viewing someone else’s profile. You can choose by selecting tabs on what you want to see, either:

1. all types of tweets

2. only their tweets with pictures or videos, or

3. just tweets and replies.


Seems this new  Twitter version has done some spring cleaning and it’s sorting out all the various categories into neat web shelves. Let’s just hope it doesn’t copy more from its rivals, otherwise we might stop seeing the difference and move on to the next big thing.

Picture Credits: Twitter


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