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The drag that your computers get to experience is annoying. We know exactly how you feel. It’s almost always because of  a virus or a program that needs updating, but we are now telling you that the drag is over and you can now speed up your PC.

First off, you obviously installed an antivirus but the thing is, like viruses, some antiviruses can slow down your computer as they try to do their protective work. Common culprits include Norton and McAfee antivirus software. Having more than one antivirus also causes drag because according to the Seattle Times, ‘running more than one anti-virus program at a time can be a problem. The way anti-virus programs scan can be detected by each other as viruses. And yes, anti-virus and anti-malware programs consume computer resources, so running multiple programs can be a drag on your system’.

Another cause for a slow computer could be the RAM. When the space gets filled up, it slows performance of your computer because it has more files to read to perform certain functions, especially if you’re running a number of programs at the same time. Your best chance of speeding up things is getting additional RAM. Tada! However consult with a technician or Google the specifications of your computer before you increase the RAM.

Stop any programs you’re not using. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to get to your task bar and your programs running at that moment show up. “End Task” for any that you’re not using and this will increase the speed of your computer. If you have an Apple computer, use the Spotlight function to get tour Activity Monitor and do the same by closing programs you’re not using.

Install a Memory Cleaner on your computer. It will free up space but this is not permanent because as soon as you start up programs again, RAM will start being used up all over again. It’s just a temporary measure. Find out more about memory cleaning here.

You think that new software update you want to download will speed up/ is good for  your computer right? Wrong! It might just slow down your computer especially since it could be more deceloped than the predecessor. Not all updates should be downloaded.

Delete unnecessary files to speed up your PC's performance
Delete unnecessary files to speed up your PC’s performance

Delete all files that you do not need that you created, not the ones that came  with the computer. The ones you did not create may be useful so only delete the ones you know you made. This will free up RAM space and speed up your PC.

If you can’t do all that get a PC maintenance program like PC Matic. It does all the work for you in the background like detect and remove malware, clean up junk files and deletes unneccessary spam files.

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