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Samsung’s new 219-inch “The Wall” is the type of TV that’s got us floored

It’s huge.

It’s pretty.

It’s MicroLED.

Samsung just announced “The Wall” (not like Trump’s nonsense), a TV that can take up a wall in your house. It’s 219 inches (about 5.56m) of pure watching bliss.

It’s a modular TV, so it comes as a bunch of tiles that you can put together to form a sort of canvas.

“MicroLED technology transfers micrometer-scale LEDs into LED modules, resulting in what resembles wall tiles comprised of mass-transferred clusters of almost microscopic lights. Mounted together as a uniform canvas and plugged in, they create a visual experience similar to what you get with premium QLED TVs.” – Samsung.

You can choose to make different layouts out of the TV ’tiles’.

The Wall was launched at Samsung’s First Look event at CES 2019.

The Wall has MicroLED technology, eliminating the need for colour filters and backlight because the microLEDs act as their own source of light.

Samsung also says its power consumption is very efficient. Helpful in keeping those electricity bills down.

It doesn’t have to be used in the home only. It can be used as a display screen for businesses.

Price? TomsGuide predicts it could cost upwards of $100,000 (about K1.2m 😭).

I’m not sure what regions The Wall will be available in yet but I’ll update if Zambia is one of them.


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2 thoughts on “Samsung’s new 219-inch “The Wall” is the type of TV that’s got us floored

  • Big Spender

    I know this is the future.. but really Samsung theres nothing good to watch on teli anymore. Il keep my 100k thanks

    • Not so ‘Big Spender’-ish 😉

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