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How to stop blue-ticking people on Whatsapp

Image Credit: Digital Cloud Net
Image Credit: Digital Cloud Net

If you’re tired of being nagged about why you haven’t responded to Whatsapp messages here’s how to turn off the blue-ticks.

Go to your Settings menu within Whatsapp:

Click on Account:


Click Privacy and uncheck the box marked Read Receipt:


That’s it! Now other people won’t know if you’ve read their message or not. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tell if they’ve seen your message either as it works both ways and won’t show blue ticks as confirmation that they’ve read it.

You can take it a step further and change your Last Seen time stamp to ‘Nobody’ so they can’t tell what time you’re online. You won’t be able to see what time anyone was online either. Tit for tat.

This doesn’t apply to group chats so the blue ticks will still show there. Just when you thought you could hide from your co-workers. Tsk tsk tsk!


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