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Introducing The Njuka Gaming App!

Njuka is the classic Zambian card game of Twins and Followers. The game has been enjoyed by many either in childhood or adulthood.

The Njuka team found that the game isn’t known outside of Zambia and was inspired to keep it alive by developing a digital version that players could play at any time and any place at their convenience.

The motivation behind the game is to tap into our collective nostalgia and create something fun and easy to play with friends or anonymously with strangers as a pastime.

Most importantly, we wanted a game that looks and feels distinctly ZAMBIAN. We wanted a mobile game that we can loudly say is proudly Zambian from the origin of the game to the developers and team who have worked to bring it to life.

The app is available for Android and iOS on www.njuka.com

Njuka is not for players under the age of 18.

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