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Samsung has new (global) mobile president to grow smartphone division

Source: AndroidBeat
Source: AndroidBeat

With Samsung just starting to get back to its feet after some serious struggles with competitors in the smartphone realm, it has appointed a new mobile communications business president, Dongjin Koh, who takes over from JK Shin, co-CEO of Samsung Electronics and mobile division chief.

According to a report on Reuters, “Samsung Group said 54-year-old Dongjin Koh will take over as president of the mobile communications business from 59-year-old J.K. Shin, who will remain head of the overall mobile division for Samsung Electronics and focus on long-term strategy and developing new growth businesses.”

The report also added that their recent flagship phone, the Galaxy S6 has fallen short of Samsung’s expectations and a new lead was needed to implement better strategies for smartphone sales to soar. It still holds first place in global shipments of devices even though its market share continues to drop and profit margins shrink, according to market analysts TrendForce:


Analysts have said that Samsung has focused much on the hardware aspect of its phones that it may be forgetting about its software and other features. The latest strategy they came up with was to create well-designed products and cut the prices of high-end devices like the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to counter competition like Apple and Chinese phone maker Xiaomi (in the Asian region).

Koh has some big shoes to fill and a huge responsibility ahead, though we are a bit worried that his strategies might be similar to Shin’s, having worked together. We just have to wait and see/hear what he does next for the brand.


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