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Samsung and Barnes & Noble to co-create Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook


Competition is ever increasing on the internet especially when it comes to e-book services such as the ones Barnes & Noble provide. That is why they have turned to mobile giant Samsung to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook which will come with Nook software preinstalled.

Barnes & Noble are an online book store (the internet’s largest) and a digital reading platform.


The co-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet  is expected to roll out in August and will be sold to over 700 US locations alongside its previous Nook e-readers whose market has generally dropped over the past few months.

This will greatly improve the user experience of the Samsung Galaxy  Tab 4 Nook as it will encourage users to read. In Zambia we don’t have much access to best sellers even in our bookstores or they are not released as soon as they are in other countries so there is a lag in delivery. This feature will increase access to the world to get the most current issues of publications, whether free or not.

Education wise, there are a lot of Nook textbooks that will be great for all scholars in Zambia but the worry is not everyone will afford a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook and hence we will still be limited to worn and torn textbooks from various schools.

If Barnes & Noble could do more partnerships even with other mobile brands, it would be very helpful because then even a consumer with a low budget gadget here in Zambia will still have access to these. We sure do hope the literacy access spreads.

We shouldn’t have to depend on other companies, our very own Zambian developers can come up with an app that gives access to books online for free or even paid for, books that are relevant to the Zambian masses.

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