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5 Apps To Get You Through June


It’s official, winter is creeping in, so it’s time to unpack that age old coffee machine, and snuggle up on the couch with your favorite device of all time, your SMARTPHONE. We’ve searched to find you the best apps you can download this June to keep yourself entertained while you hibernate.

So here you have it a list of apps to keep you mesmerized throughout June:


1)      STUMBLEUPON: This app helps you get what you want on your phone by searching the web for content that suits you, the idea behind the app almost feels like a replica of Google Alerts… but the difference is that it sources pictures, audio and video, and brings them straight to you.


2)      EVERYPOST: If you’re tired of having to log in and out of different social accounts just so that you can eventually post the same content over and over, then this app is just for you, post your thoughts to all your social accounts at the same time with only one click or tap.


 3)      PHOGY 3D: Selfie lovers stand up! This one is all for you, take 3D selfies. Yes 3D! Take selfies or other pictures in 3D, and the best part of it all is you can post your 3D pictures on social sites. This is a really cool app for all those who love taking pics.


4)      100 BALLS: The objective of the game is to get balls into a glass. Trust us, it looks better than it sounds. This is a great way to waste a bit of time and it eventually gets addictive. So beware!


5)      ZOMBIE DIARY 2: A game that continues a story line of humans vs zombies, but fortunately its user friendly and not too technical so ladies, don’t be afraid to give it a try.


Image Credits: Mob4Gamers, GameMob, Mundotechie, PDA LifeJemm Group, Shutterstock