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Redemption for Android & iOS Users with Google Photos Standalone App

Google has finally released a dedicated Photos App for Android, iOS and web. Can I get an Amen?! Mashable reports that, Google’s excellent photos service is now fully separate from Google+ and is a standalone app in its own right. The purpose of the new app, as described by product lead Bradley Horowitz, is to provide a “private secure, safe place where all of my memories can live without compromise or agenda.”

Apparently the “agenda” part refers to not scanning your photos for ads. The other reason is not yet revealed. So read that EULA (end user license agreement) guys!

According to Mashable, the Google Photo app is really impressive. Wait, I was sold at standalone before even using the app itself. You can only feel this much joy and excitement if you’re an Android user. Screw iCloud. I kid.

The pain was never knowing if your backed up photos on Google+ were private or public because it was all on one platform. Sometimes it didn’t even make sense- a public profile with private photos? But somehow it worked. I think everybody who cares for the cloud is breathing a sigh of relief multiple times to this news.

It is no surprise that the app has great organizational power as its origins in Google+. The Google magic tool looks at geolocation and other photo metadata (like all services), while also recognizing landmarks, faces, animal types, venues (e.g. nightclubs) and organize your photos accordingly.

Once you give the app access to your photos, it’ll automatically back up all your photos and videos. During setup you can specify whether you want the generous “free” option or to back up everything at full resolution.

Other photo backup services like Apple, Dropbox and Lyve, are trying to solve the immensely difficult problem of photo management, but Google thinks it has the best approach.

We’re eager to hear about your experience. Download the Google Photos App from Playstore and let us know what you think.

Article blogged by Imanga Kay (@IKay2605)