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Connect Your Multichoice DStv Explora to the internet and download stuff

The age of the Internet of Things (IoT) is here and Multichoice is jumping right into it by connecting DStv to internet facilities. Owners of DStv Explora set top boxes will be able to connect to the internet and access entertainment material through one of Multichoice’s plans called DStv Catch Up Plus.

With DStv Catch Up Plus, DStv Premium subscribers with an active Explora subscription will have access to more than 300 titles of great series, movies and other exclusive content. They will also be able to download up to 25 titles at a time from the Internet to their DStv Explora. The data charges for these downloads will be at the normal rates their Internet Service Provider (ISP) has set for their account.

To access Connected Services, subscribers will need to link their DStv Explora to their existing internet router, either by cable or using the DStv WiFi Connector which will be available in retail for K218.50. The WiFi connector connects the Explora to subscribers’ existing WiFi network

Ngoza Kasunga Matakala, Acting General Manager of MultiChoice Zambia said “When we launched the Explora in 2013, we promised that we’d make it even better – we’re now delivering on that promise. The DStv Explora is a great platform that enables us to offer our subscribers a range of services that will take their entertainment to the next level. Catch Up Plus and Remote Recording are just the first of many Connected Services to come. This is just the beginning.”

DStv Catch Up is a TV bouquet that is currently available on PVRs and the DStv Explora that offers catch up content that is instantly available for viewing – this is also known as Push Video On Demand.

DStv Catch Up Plus is an additional catalogue of catch up content that can be downloaded to be watched later on the DStv Explora – which is known as Pull Video On Demand.

Another feature of Connected Services is Remote Recording. According to Multichoice, this lets subscribers schedule recordings via their laptop, smartphone or tablet when they’re away from home. All they have to do is to log into TV Guide on the DStv website or app using their Connect ID and select the programme they would like to record. This programme will then be recorded and will be added to their Explora playlist. Never miss a programme when away from home ever again.

DStv’s connected services accessibility is charged as a part of the monthly DStv Premium subscription and access fee. Any DStv Explora subscriber can use Remote Recording, but DStv Catch Up Plus is exclusively available to DStv Premium subscribers.

Subscribers can also use the DStv NOW app, which will enable them to set recordings from any iOS or Android mobile device.

For more information, visit www.dstv.com/GetConnected. Connected Services is available as of 1st June, 2015 and the DStv WiFi Connector is available in DStv retail outlets.


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