6 December 2022

Press Release: Self-service takes centre-stage on GOtv website

GOtv has simplified the GOtv website so customers can find everything they need to know about GOtv in one place. From Monday 31 July, the GOtv website (www.gotvafrica.com) will be the one-stop shop to manage GOtv subscriptions and find amazing local and international entertainment and a package to suit customers’ needs!
Highlights of the new-look GOtv website includes:

  •  GOtv Eazy Self Service now be available on the gotvafrica.com homepage, making it easier to
  • A simplified GOtv website which works on both mobile and computer screens
  • Activate accounts, resolve issues and check the TV guide from the same destination
  • Explore GOtv WOW offers available to loyal customers through an easy-to- find tab

“We recognise that are increasingly mobile customers are constantly looking for a user-friendly and
convenient service,” says Country Acting General Manager Recha Kabwe “We have positioned self-
service upfront to ensure that our valued customers can now manage their accounts quickly and
efficiently and still browse the TV Guide on the same page. This will make the GOtv website user journey
easier and more convenient for customers.”

The changes form part of GOtv’s ongoing efforts to improve the services we offer to our customers with
much more to come! Want to avoid the long queues and get Eazy self-service at your fingertips? Visit gotvafrica.com today to see how you can easily fix errors, locate a dealer near you, find answers to frequently asked questions, learn more about your decoder, what packages are on offer and so much more.

Source: Multichoice Zambia

25 thoughts on “Press Release: Self-service takes centre-stage on GOtv website

  1. Dear GO TV, I need your help on my gotv decoder. My parental guidance pass word was locked after several attempt by one of kids to open some restricted channels. Please help me to have unblocked. My decoder account number is 2004317633 and my password was 1613. Thank you, Your trusted customer. (+260977 213 399)

  2. I paid k140 for the réactivation of my package yesterday at around 15:00.
    The réactivation is not yet done up to now.
    Could u please assist.
    My iuc number is 2004359930.
    The invoice No is 1292513.

  3. I have problem with govt because i paid but i am only watching 5 channels which not true according your subscription, please can you improve.

  4. I reached my GOTV on Friday through a Mobil app up till now my GOTV is not working & my #1,900 plus #100 charge just go in Vail.my IUC is 4622679580 pls kindly rectify the problem for me

    1. May you please help me understand why here in Livingstone weren’t watching gotv for 2weeks now?

  5. I unsubscribed my govt at around 21 00hrs but my channels are still scrambled. My iuc number is 2020865147.

  6. I want to change my particulars to Stephen Mwinga.Phone number:0977806394.My ICU NO:2022123653

  7. How do I unlock my gotv decoder? It’s been locked for three months now and it’s showing an orange light. Please help me

  8. Please I need help, my subscription is still active but can’t access some (most ) channels. What do I do ? Urgent

  9. I bought a brand new Gotv decoder, IUC number is 7016670412, my phone number is 260978165048 and surname is MSHANGA. The agent I called told me that it has multiple accounts but it was sealed in box. Please help

  10. I need to the decoder activated, IUC number 7016670412, phone number 260978165048 and surname is MSHANGA. I don’t belive that it has multiple accounts because it is brand new

  11. My niece missed my last two digits of my account​ number for gotv, is it possible the error be corrected.

  12. Please , I bought my gotv decoder here in CHIPATA at S HAIN AGGRO on August 4th 2016.
    I have paid my subscription in full ever since. But I have not received any promotion not even the much talked about airtime. My iuc .2022526356.
    Phone # 0977491702

  13. Gotv Zambia copper belt Mufulira in three days we have problems with signal why?

  14. I paid for gotv plus but only watching 25 channels activate my account please iuc no 2014195994

  15. My ICU number is 6995414893 please help me fix the problem. I would like to watch some football

  16. 4622866862 Paid two weeks ago and today its saying sub has expired. I want to watch the world cup please fix my issue.

  17. please clear my E16 error code,I have paid but the E16 error code is still there

  18. Please Clear My E16 Error Code, I Have Paid But E16 Error Code Is Still Here. My IUC 6999243360

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