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On Zambian event apps with Chitika’s Aaron Jeke


In February we covered local event app Chitika and since then we’ve seen other event apps try to come up so we decided to speak to Aaron Jeke of Chitika on his thoughts about it all:

TTZ: Give us an update on Chitika, what’s new/changed?

Aaron (A): Well, a lot has changed. We are a listening to people and doing our absolute best to give the best user experience.

Firstly, the calendar tab; this allows our users to jump to a particular date on the calendar and view events happening that day. Also the ability to search for events, let’s say you know or heard of an event eg. Experience Copperbelt but don’t know when it is happening. You can easily search in the app, and details about that event will come up. In addition, there will be the ability to view events offline in the event you run out of data. You can still look at the events. Our user base has also increased for the event organizers; and they can post their events on the app by filling in the detail

TTZ: what are your thoughts on the Zambian events app scene?

A: It’s coming up well. However, I believe there is more that can be done. Thanks to institutions such as BongoHive and ZICTA that are helping young innovators with their entrepreneurial endeavors, but Government through the relevant Ministry needs to step in with appropriate policies to help in safeguarding such innovations. We can proudly say Chitika is a wholly Zambian product with no creative or design input from foreign entities.

TTZ: Any recommendations for Zambian app makers?

A: It’s important to know your market well before you launch. I think that’s where most of us developers go wrong. We have this idea that solves something but we don’t do our research to get what the public atmosphere and perception is. It is also important to visit places like BongoHive, Zicta and PACRA to find out more that can be of help to your idea.

TTZ: Are there any future plans to integrate payment options for tickets directly within app?

Well, I don’t want to reveal information that is in the negotiation phase but I can say we have plans to do that. When? I can’t give an exact timeframe but look out for more exciting things to come from Chitika.

TTZ: What else is your vision for Chitika for the next 5 years, what other cool features might we see?

In 5 years’ time, we see Chitika being the most used events app in Zambia, your one-stop-shop for your weekend chills, business workshops, church conferences, family weekend fun, Saturday markets, movies, after-parties and many other events.

In terms of features, in the next coming few months Chitika App is getting a new look, a movies section for the movie lovers and a simpler user interface for the best user experience. Most new features will be felt during use than seen.

Are you a creator of an events app? We’d like to know your thoughts too! Comment below this post 🙂


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