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Local Start-up: Chitika, an events app


What is the app – name?
App name is “Chitika” which means “happening” in slang. In Bemba means “happen” (direct translation) as well as Nyanja.

What does it do?
Chitika is an events app, it basically shows events happening in Zambian cities and towns. Events could be religious, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and community just to mention a few. As long it is an event, we shall advertise it. Though there are some Ts and Cs that need to be followed before an event is advertised.

Why did you create it?
The app was developed to sort out the problem of searching for events on Facebook and at times missing some of those events because you couldn’t keep track of the date. Chitika creates a local platform which enables people to be where they want to be. This gives the users a sense of pride and loyalty over Zambian made product. It was created to save users time and money of going through newspapers, social media, poster and TV just to see what is happening.

Chitika Listing
Chitika Listing

Where can people get it?
Currently Chitika is officially available on the Google Play store for Android devices (https://goo.gl/DZuvrR) – hopefully, in the near future, it can be available on the Apple iStore. Users are highly advised to send feedback to help improve the app and make it better for them.

Users can also access our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chitikazambia/ for more updates, videos about Chitika and other promotions.

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