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DStv Zambia gets more channels on Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access

Image Credit: mojidelano.com
Image Credit: mojidelano.com

Multichoice Zambia has announced additional channels are being added to its DStv packages, effective on 01 November 2016.

In a statement they shared with us, MultiChoice said its ‘priority is to put customers at the heart of our business – and this is exactly what we are doing! In the last 9 months DStv has delivered the world’s best football leagues to DStv Compact customers (February) followed by the DStv price freeze in April – and in the latest giant leap in providing customer value, DStv is offering the best value entertainment by combining both quality and variety to ensure everyone has access to great family entertainment.’

The new additional channels are as follows:

DStv Premium:  More HD and pop-up channels:

DStv Premium will now offer more content on the same subscription price of K818 from 1 November. With the addition of eleven high definition (HD) channels, customers can now watch more of their favourite shows including the latest and exclusive first run movies, drama, comedy and sport in picture-perfect, crystal clear quality on the over 30 HD channels now available to them. Also this October, DStv Premium customers will celebrate with M-Net on the M-Net Movies Blockparty pop-up channel on 109, and can look forward to more exciting pop-up channels in the coming months like the M-Net Movies Harry Porter pop-up channel which will run from 4 – 14 November.

DStv Compact Plus:  11 new channels 

New channels will include Vuzu AMP, Lifetime, Discovery channel, Crime & Investigation, History Channel, Africa Magic Showcase, SuperSport 6 (SS6)SuperSport 4 (SS4), ROK, Eva Plus and B4U Movies at the same subscription price of K536.

DStv Compact: 6 new channels

It will retain the previous addition of the Premier League and La Liga earlier this year. In addition, customers will get ITV Choice (channel 123), TCM (channel 137) and SS4. From November onwards, Compact subscribers will also be treated to new channels ROK, Eva Plus and B4U Movies at the same price of K321.

DStv Family: 5 new channels

B4U Movies, Eva and Eva PlusSS4 and FOX at the same price of K205.

DStv Access: 3 new channels:

SS4, B4U Movies Eva Plus at the same price of K108.

 “The major boost in entertainment value across all DStv bouquets demonstrates our commitment to ensuring DStv customers receive the best possible access to great entertainment and outstanding value.  These changes are not only a defining moment in our MultiChoice story, but also a defining moment in the African entertainment landscape and we are proud to be pushing as hard as we can to delight every television entertainment fan in Africa,” said Ngoza Kasunga Matakala, the Acting Managing Director of MultiChoice Zambia.

For more information of the upcoming programming on channels added to the various DStv packages, please visit www.dstv.com.


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4 thoughts on “DStv Zambia gets more channels on Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access

  • Chanda Chibeza

    Appreciate the service leaded to the community at large

  • Kabungo Kamanga

    Compact plus bouquet F1 coverage is terrible!!!

    It’s the next big bouquet but you playing it down. More than US$50/month is quite a tidy amount.

    One race you show qualifiers & race. The next time out practice sessions and no race.
    It’s quite trashy you know.
    Today you show p3 & qualifiers more than 4hours late AFTER A NEW YOSTART RIVAL that you even laugh at.
    Come on!
    We are paying premium prices for this small ask.

    IMPROVE F1 coverage only x5 sessions every two weeks (approx) for K536+102=638 just to be shoved in a corner and fed left overs.
    Not fair! We don’t need to pay K1,000 for this pleasure.

  • how many local channels do you offer so far

  • slarge mwanza

    Which channel ve you added

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