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There’s only two more days till the Samsung Galaxy S5 gets launched in Zambia on the 11th of April, 2014 by Samsung Zambia, who are the official Samsung product distributors(obviously) but many unlicensed traders are bringing them into the country.

Well, Samsung Zambia has spoken out and said anybody who risks buying a Samsung phone, especially the latest models, from an unlicensed dealer may not have any warranty given on it like Samsung Zambia does. You would not even know where they source the phones and if they are legit phones so that’s another risk you may face.

The Samsung Galaxy S5

Most traders won’t even guide you on how you can protect your phone or take care of it. Some have a ‘no return’ policy so even your phone dies for no reason after buying it, you have no choice but either fix it using your own money, which is an expense, or throw it away.

 Samsung Electronics Zambia Country Manager James Chona says,  “Phones without a warranty or imitation devices will cost more in the long run because they constantly have to be repaired or replaced. There’s always an excitement to be first in line when a new product launches and Zambian consumers are bound to incur costs in the long run because they purchased products that are not going to be serviced by Samsung should they get damaged.

 Parallel importers do not offer guarantee against damage due to shipping and handling and usually the burden of these costs is passed on to customers.

 Accidental Damage Handling will also cover screen and liquid damage repairs to the new Samsung S5 devices that are damaged within the 24 month warranty period. Estimates indicate that the S5 will be priced in nearly the same range by licensed suppliers as they are with individuals but the benefit of buying genuine products is also to protect consumers from the risk of purchasing phones with a defective history.” 

So, if you get a Samsung phone from Samsung Zambia, they give you a 24 month warranty on the product meaning you can take it back when you have problems with it, or even exchange it for another.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 both come with Accidental Damage Handling (ADH) which you have to register for immediately you buy the phone and activate it with your SIM card. ADH allows you to get your fixed incase you accidentaly crack your screen or spill liquids such as water on it. This facility known as E-warranty covers your S4 or S5 for a period of 2 years but you can only get a maximum of two repairs in that period.

Meanwhile, Samsung has partnered with Airtel to provide you a chance to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone in Zambia, which was announced on February 24, and will be available in the country from this weekend.


If you’re looking forward to the smartwatches, Samsung Zambia has also announced three new additions to the smartwatch Gear series, that are the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. Read the full review as compiled by GSMArena here

So, if you’re going to buy the phone, get one with a warranty. It’s so much better for you, and you won’t have to pay extra for any fixes you might need.

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