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We can’t overlook the fact that smartwatches are fast becoming the “IT” gadget lately and not to be left behind, Apple is working on it’s own kind to obviously rival the likes of Samsung with its Gear range, Motorola with its Moto360 and others . The Apple  iWatch(es) are set for release sometime in September this year.

There are  a few prototypes which are shown here but they are not the final product, We’ll have to wait and see the actual smartphone when it’s released.

The specifications of the Apple iWatch are not even yet known but there are rumours that they might come with a plastic OLED (p-OLED) screen produced exclusively by LG. The screen also might measure 1.52 inches. There is also reports that they may come with Sapphire glass.

It’s also hard to believe seeing as they’re always having legal battles  but their “rival” Samsung is also set to make their microchips for the smartwatch. The Economic Daily News of China even claimed that Quanta company will build 65 million iWatches for the first 12 months of production so we guess Foxconn and Inventec who were previous partners have been given the boot this time around.

Speculation has it that Apple is facing problems with the screen and the battery life if the iWatch so as soon as that’s fixed they will roll it out.

Some different concept models of the smartwatch are shown below. The Apple  iWatch S, just as you may have guessed, will accompany Apple’s iPhone S range of phones and might look a little something like this:


The iWatch C is a direct partner for the iPhone 5c, looking at how colourful they are (and for the letter “c” in both items). It comes in the same colours as the 5c so it’s pretty awesome for those of you that live for colour.


Below is an image of  some of the features that are expected on almost all the Apple iWatches when they are out on the market:


We do hope they do come up with products that actually make an impact but looking at the pictures, they seem very fashionable and might just have some market.

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