Nkana Water and Sewerage Customers Can Now Pay with Airtel Money

Airtel Money

On March 14,  Airtel Networks Zambia Plc signed a partnership agreement with Nkana Water & Sewerage Company that will enable Airtel Money customers pay their water bills using the mobile money service.

Airtel Money is a product that allows Airtel customers to transfer money, pay bills and purchase airtime using their mobile phones. The significance of instant transactions was emphasized by Airtel Money Director, Brenda Thole, especially in an era of increased access to new technologies.

“Since Airtel Money was launched in 2010, our registered subscriber base has grown to 3 million customers and over 2000 active agents around the country,” said the Airtel Money Director.

The event was officiated by Kitwe Mayor, Mr. Chileshe Bweupe, and was also graced by Nkana Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director, Mrs. Diana Makwaba.

Improving the standard of living of individuals in Zambia was highlighted as a key motivation for the partnership between Airtel and the Utility company.

This kind of thought process is an effective driver for making consumers’ lives easier by offering convenience. Including additional payees to the Airtel Money service is awesome and a step in the right direction. A more deserved fanfare, alternatively, would be applicable on the day that a mobile money service provider in Zambia introduces a way for people to make transactions without leaving their homes.

There is currently a major gap in the Zambian mobile money industry where one needs to go to a centre to either deposit or withdraw money into a mobile money account. However, with such a busy society like ours, full customer benefit can only be achieved if certain services are made fully self-sufficient. Imagine having to transfer money from perhaps your bank account into your mobile money account. Or imagine getting your salary or part of it deposited into your mobile money account. How easier will your life be? Of course there is still a lot of work to be done, but that is why people are employed in the jobs they are in. This is how mobile money is being revolutionized in other country like Kenya. Banks are facing their toughest competition from mobile money service providers because they offer more convenience. It would be nice to see productivity pushed a step further than the normal standard procedure of operations.

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