MTN Zambia offers free browsing on Opera during Covid-19

Official statement from MTN Zambia CEO, Bart Hofker:

”At MTN Zambia we recognize that Covid-19 is changing our lifestyles and has led to the need to conform to global best protocols which includes staying at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To ensure our customers are entertained during this challenging period, we have partnered with Opera Mini browser to offer our Customers free Browsing on Opera Mini and Opera News during this period when people are staying at home.

We are proud of this innovative collaboration which is the first of its kind in Zambia and will entail that MTN Zambia customers have the freedom to browse content through Opera Mini and Opera News for up to 50MB daily.

With this new capability of free browsing on Opera Mini, our customers will now be able to spend more time accessing theirfavourite websites without worrying about running out of data. Customers can also expand their free browsing experience by enabling the data saving capabilities in both Opera Mini and Opera News. The free daily data covers browsing only while video streaming and file downloads will be charged out of the normal data bundle.

The Opera Mini browser is equipped with many unique features to help customers to substantially improve their browsing experience through innovative features including offline file sharing, ad blockers and more. Currently, this offer of free browsing on Opera Mini and Opera News is available only to MTN Customers in Zambia and it’s the first of its kind in South-East Africa.

To enjoy the benefits of the free browsing package, our customers will only need to download Opera Mini and Opera News apps from the Google Play Store. 

Our partnership with Opera Mini for free browsing is another testament of MTN Zambia’s commitment to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world by bringing the benefits of a modern connected life to all people.

MTN Zambia will ensure the network continuity that supports Zambia at this critical time, as we uphold our responsibility to keep you connected while we all remain safe. Because, we are good together.”

Source: MTN Zambia