Teens’ Significant Role in Tech World

CellphonesBuilding on our article from yesterday, we’d like to highlight the significant role that teenagers are playing in the tech world. Today, business models and advertising strategies are being specifically modeled for teenagers. They are the most active on social media and they also form the largest percentage of people who own mobile phones. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest huge amounts of money in advertisements which target youth consumers. Marketers in the United States are expected to spend nearly $47.6 billion on online ads alone in 2014, with $13.1 billion of that figure allocated for mobile ads, according to Mashable. With the expansion of the web, it is expected that the advertising space will also follow suit.

True to the demographics, youths, teenagers and children comprise the largest percentage of our population in Zambia. Unfortunately, most of those youths are unemployed and income-less. This means that the marketing industry in Zambia is yet to take advantage of this wide vacuum created by the explosion of the online presence. The main driver of this is that purchasing power mostly lies with young adults, adults, and senior citizens. Nonetheless, depending on youths to drive sales may not be a sustainable strategy considering the unpredictable nature of teens and their transitory behavior from social network platform to platform. It would definitely require a dynamic and evolving marketing approach.

Image Credit: In Sunshine and Shadows