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Mutinta Williams is new Dot Com Zambia divisional manager


Mutinta Williams, Dot Com Zambia's new divisional manager (Image Credit: Mwebantu)
Mutinta Williams, Dot Com Zambia’s new divisional manager

In a Facebook post, Mawano Kambeu, co-founder of eCommerce company Dot Com Zambia, announced the appointment of Mutinta Williams within its operations.

After 9 years at the helm of Dot Com Zambia, it’s time to pass on the reigns to a new leader to move the division to the next level. So it is with great pleasure that Mutinta Williams becomes the new division manager of our e-commerce division, while I assume day to day responsibilities of the Bus Tickets Zambia division. Congratulations Mutinta and welcome aboard,” Mawano wrote.

Dot Com Zambia has 2 parts: the e-commerce division (that recently received a $500,000 investment from Kukula Capital and eVa Fund in debt and equity components) and the bus ticketing division called Bus Tickets Zambia. Read more about it here.

In a report on Mwebantu, Mutinta has a Masters in International Administration, a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management, and has been appointed as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. She also worked with a non-governmental organisation and in the hospitality industry before joining Dot Com.


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