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MultiChoice Zambia launches Real Deal campaign, slashing subscription prices

MultiChoice Zambia has launched its ‘Real Deal’ campaign, slashing the price of its bouquet prices as follows:

BouquetOld PriceNew Price% reduction
Family 2052002.43
Compact Plus53645016.04

The new prices are effective 1st September 2017.

Multichoice Zambia Acting MD Ngoza Kasunga

The Real Deal announcement was made today at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka at a media breakfast meeting where Multichoice Zambia Acting MD Ngoza Kasunga said:

“MultiChoice continuously reviews its packages ans price points in the dynamic market conditions with the interests of our customers at heart and with one objective in mind – to delight customers by constantly offering them more value. We are delivering more value to our customers by giving them access to amazing local and international content at a price they can afford.

The business recognizes that we are living in changing economic times and wants to reward customers for their ongoing loyalty and support. In April 2016, we had a ‘no price increases’ or price lock on all packages in order to provide relief to our customers in the current tough economic conditions.”

In a short Q&A session after the announcement the following questions were asked;

Do you feel the heat from competitors?

Ngoza: We welcome competition because it brings more business and gives variety to consumers. We want to focus on value to customers.

Is this pricing permanent?

Ngoza: Yes it is. However like any other business there’s always need to be cognizant of changes in economy like the depreciation of Kwacha which would increase the cost of business, necessitating fee changes before next year’s price review in April.

Do you see more customers joining DStv?

Ngoza: In terms of numbers, yes we do see and anticipate growth in our business.

Will we see more local content?

Ngoza: We have deliberately worked to increase local content, recently adding 2 more channels on DStv including Zambezi Magic. Local content is more evident on GOtv. OneZed TV has recently come up, mirroring what Zambezi Magic does. We’re looking good on local content and we have the right platform for it.

If competitors keep reducing their prices, will DStv lower theirs even further?

Ngoza: We don’t price based on what competitors are doing. We assess the performances of our 2 platforms – DStv and GOtv – in making any price changes.

Won’t the reduction affect MultiChoice operations in short term?

Ngoza: We know our customer is sometimes financially stretched, and we consider what they want but at the same time considering that we need to protect our bottom scale in operations.

How are you working on improving customer care?

Ngoza: We’ll continue identifying our weakest points and improve in those areas, we welcome feedback from our clients, even through walk-ins at our offices.


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  • Sad,I commented a few days on one of your pages sadly what I got from u was a schedule of your revised prices,which I actually was born of contention because I pay for 3 homes and I feel its high and still burdening. So sending me a price schedule I was complaining about was absurd.

  • Hi Bupe. Thank you for your comments, but did you mean to publish this on the DStv website instead?

  • Im on family …im not able to watch channel 277 and 278…why????
    my number…41305799888

  • joshua chama

    The dollar is down so basically making the same dollar..ba DSTV pliz go back to South Africa if you going to continue ripping us off

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