Way to Optimize a Chatbot’s Performance for Enhanced UX: Chatbot Development Services

The first chatbot was ELIZA, created in 1966. A chatbot is a kind of artificial intelligence (AI) software which manages conversation by audio or text as a conversational partner. Chatbots are used in various fields for customer support and information acquisition. Chatbots are very much advanced, you need to tell them once and they will communicate with your customers in your desired way. The word “Chatterbot” was made to explain these conversational programs.

In current time we can see chatbots in almost every business. The reason behind using chatbot was that the customer support staff could only help in limited services, but chatbots can provide all in one service. Example of some of the best and popular chatbots are Siri, Alexa, Cleverbot and Mitsuku.

Ways to Optimize a Chatbot’s Performance for Enhanced UX

Here we will understand about the ways to optimize a chatbot’s performance and what are the primary chatbot development services. Here I will share some tips with you which will help you to understand. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Selection of the Bot’s Platform

Chatbots are part of technology, so they require a platform on which it can be developed. For better efficiency of a chatbot, selection of the platform should be correct depending upon the requirements of the business. There are many multi-purpose platforms available in the market like Chatty People, Microsoft BOT framework, PandoraBots etc.

Use Engaging Content

Instead of using textual functions, use some engaging content like images, GIFs and video in your bot’s conversation. Also, let it learn from the past customer experience. So that the customers would take some interest while talking to bot because you don’t want your customers to get bored.

Minimize The Downtime

While talking about the service of a chatbot, they can serve you 24*7 and 365 days a year because a chatbot can cater you more efficiently than a human. Before choosing the platform, you should be aware of the server’s downtime and performance. The wisely chosen platform will profit your business.

Security is Priority

It has been noticed that in 2018 people made online transactions of USD 2 billion through Siri, Google Assistant, and other assistants. (source)

It means if you develop a chatbot like this, it will boost the confidence of your customers. You can use data encryption, use of access token etc to secure your chatbot and always keep updated your libraries.

Time to Test

To check your chatbot’s performance, keep testing its efficiency on different aspects such as from a user’s aspect or a developer’s aspect. In this way, you can monitor the performance of your chatbot before it creates any mess.

Last Words…

Before getting a chatbot for your business, keep these things in your mind. You can ask any chatbot development company to develop a chatbot for your business according to your business requirements or else you can hire chatbot developer to make a personalized chatbot.

By Nitin Garg