MTN Zambia Launches ‘Mixo Mixo’ To Boost Customer Experience

MTN Zambia has announced the launch of a new Mashup product dubbed ‘Mixo Mixo’ to transform customers experience, deliver value, and convenience in telecommunications services.

The introduction of MTN Mixo Mixo bundle seamlessly combines affordability, flexibility, and convenience, making it the ideal bundle for consumers seeking a cost-effective and uninterrupted connectivity experience. This innovative product offers customers user-friendly experience, allowing them to access a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly combos through a single purchase. Customers can access the menu page for the new product Mixo Mixo by dialing *117*1# and choosing from the range of options available. This bundle is also available on MyMTN app.

MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Abbad Reda said that “MTN Zambia is passionate about providing customers value for money. We are dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that make our customers’ lives easier and more connected than ever before. We believe there are many ways we can help our customers outdo themselves and contribute to simplifying their day-to-day lives”.

MTN Zambia’s Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Acheampong said, “Our goal has always been to offer innovative and convenient services. Mixo Mixo, our newest product, demonstrates our commitment to value, innovation, and convenience. Customers can now access a combination of All-Network voice minutes, data, and SMS services in a single, affordable package. This all-in-one offering simplifies the process of managing various subscription packages and offers considerable cost savings to our customers”. 

He further added, “We have invested in a number of initiatives to ensure that convenience is at the forefront of our services, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for all our customers. By giving our customers the control and flexibility to choose what products best suit them, we can transform the way they engage with our services and improve their overall experience.”

The Mixo Mixo aligns with MTN Zambia’s commitment to enhancing the digital experience for its customers and driving the nation’s connectivity goals. The telecom giant has invested significantly in its network infrastructure to provide reliable and high-speed data services, and this product complements the ongoing efforts to meet customer expectations. Mixo-Mixo brings a whole new level of flexibility and choice to the world of telecom services. With the freedom to select from various options at each price point, customers can make the most of their money, ensuring their communication needs are perfectly met.

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